Mines of the Real de Catorce Area

El Milagro

The El Milagro Mine is up the old road southeast of  the San Augustin mine (See Map).   According to  Ipina (IPIÑA, p 34), it was discovered by Ventura Ruiz in 1779 who named it "El Senor de los Milagros".  Ipina (IPIÑA, p 27-38) states that Ruis found a rich silver outcropping when, the morning after sleeping out over night, found beads of silver in the ashes of his cold campfire. More of these histories are repeated  by  Montejano (1, p 19-21). Ruis also is supposedly the El Negrito for whom the Negrito mine was named.

El Milgro is an extensive complex developed on two levels, the upper having the open mine shafts and the lower part was perhaps used for processing of the ore. This complex is one of the finer examples of a local mine and  is less visited than those in the "Pueble Fantasma" area.

Overview of Milagro mine
Overview of the upper area of Milagro
Overview of the entire Milagro complex as seen from the west.

The upper area of El Milagro view from Cerro Grande.
Upper Milagro area
Detail of structure in upper part of Milagro
Structures and tailings in the upper area.
This structure covers a deep shaft. The architecture is suggestive of a scottish castle and perhaps indicates the presence of scottish engineers in the Catorce mining district..

Structures in the lower area of Milagro
Detail in lower area of Milagro
Overview of the lower area of Milagro.
Detail in the lower area. A mixture of stone and adobe construction.